HeadBlade Groomster Manicure Set
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HeadBlade Groomster Manicure Set

Brand: HeadBlade
SKU: HB-7300-Groomster

Welcome to our world. Sure, we don't have HeadBlade "everything" but we all do need to keep our nails looking good (or at least clean). This very tasteful, and great quality set, contains clippers that really clip, a file that really files, and scissors that really...hmmm...cut (scis isn't a word); you get the point. And yeah, there's this odd shaped tool (cuticle cleaner) that has a "v" shape at the end. It's for cutting cuticles and boy, is it sharp. Really sharp. Like cutting through butter. The last utensil is an ear cleaner. Just because. Embossed leather-like material with zipper closure. This thing is ready to travel.

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