HeadBlade HB2 Refill Blades - 10 Cartridges
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HeadBlade HB2 Refill Blades - 10 Cartridges

Brand: HeadBlade

The trusty HB2 is back!  This was the blade that came standard on every HeadBlade Classic starting in 1999.  In 2005 HeadBlade introduced the HB3 design with the HeadBlade Sport and retired the HB2.  Over the years they've introduced new HeadBlade handles (the ATX and MOTO) that utilize HeadBlade's HB4 and HB6 blades which are, technically, far superior to the HB2 or HB3.  

There remains a group of original HeadBladers who are still using the Classic and Sport and they commonly asked HeadBlade to bring back the original HB2 as it was a great blade at an extrodinary price; $10 for 10 blades!  Recently HeadBlade had a sourcing issue with the HB3 so we pulled the trigger and made the decision to bring back the HB2.  The HB3 has been discontinued as a result.  Do note that the HB2 is older technology and a more aggressive blade than the HB3/HB4/HB6.  
Make no mistake; HeadBlade DOES NOT recommend you use this blade with the ATX or the MOTO.  It is NOT designed to be used with any of our newer models.  The HB2 is ONLY for the Sport or Classic.

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