Like a lot of companies, our store was formed out of a need. A couple of years ago the owner was battling the losing battle with his hair line. With a little prompting from a friend, he finally gave up and his head was shaved. This suddenly put him in a new market, the bald head club. As most of you reading this, he had to consider new environmental factors like: heat, cold, and UV rays. No longer could he rely on his hair and a baseball cap to protect his noggin from burning and freezing. Besides, the baseball cap gave him a funny tan line!

So he began searching the net for head coverings that worked for his needs. He found numerous sites that had bandanas, doo rags, razors, shaving lotions, suntan lotion, and skin care. But the products were never combined into a single, one-stop web site.

That is when we decided to create the Bald Head Store, a single site that would cover the needs of those proud to be bald and planning on staying that way. No hair growing formulations for us! At the same time, we found some of the products needed by the “Chrome Domes” were also desired by the biker crowd for different reasons or for both reasons.

Our goal is to find the best quality, best value, most desirable, head gear and products and carry them on a single site.

8/26/18 The Bald Head Store, LLC