Matt Paste By Percy Nobleman Matt Paste By Percy Nobleman
Matt Paste By Percy Nobleman Matt Paste By Percy Nobleman
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Matt Paste By Percy Nobleman

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Sleek, Stylish, Traditionally Modern & an Everyday Essential Here at Percy Nobleman, we all agree that looking sharp, and feeling your best come hand in hand. We are proud to introduce our Matt Paste. Soft and gentle like a childhood sweetheart, the Nobleman Matt Paste leaves your hair feeling almost untouched adding volume and definition. Leaving hair looking strong, healthy, and with a light, natural sheen, my Matt Paste is versatile and should be a staple on your grooming shelf or cabinet, regardless of your hair type. Used on its own with finer hair, Matt Paste helps to add body and medium hold, while thicker hair can be tamed with slightly more product. Highly recommended for those with curly hair, but make sure your hair is clean and dry, otherwise the large surface area of your curls can use up a lot of product fast. Matt Paste is so light and sensitive to all hair types that it can be used as an entry level styling product. And it is perfect for short-haired Noblemen of more advanced years requiring something to awaken hair that has lost thickness and general density over time. It is fuss-free and a very small amount will thicken hair up without exposing the scalp. Proudly paraben-free and made in the UK all our products are meticulously tested to make sure you get the very best experience. Percy is offering you complete peace of mind and reassurance. If your Matt Paste isn't every bit as fantastic as we say it is, you can simply return it for a full refund. Buy with confidence and finally take control of your hair! Add to Cart Now! ??Styling & Texturising Paste ??Great for adding volume to thinner hair and defining curls ??Washes out with Ease ??Reworkable & Lasts all Day ??Paraben Free ??Ideal for all hair types ??Made in England SKU: 03600

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