Collection Starter Kit
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$145.52 Collection Starter Kit

Brand: BaldHeadStore
SKU: bn-collection-1

** Note: Picture not totally representative due to fluctuations in product turnover and inventory. Substitutions might be required. Email or call with any questions, ** This kit is a collection picked by The kit consists of: - Schampa Skull Cap (SKLCP002) - Pacific Shaving Company: Shaving Oil, Blade Oil, & Nick Stick - HeadBlade: HeadSlick(5oz), ClearHead(5oz), ATX(Black) - BeeBald Scrub(3oz) - Dreadnought: Post Shave Balm (100mL) - BaldGuyz Wipes(16 Wipes) - Bad Dog Lip Balm - DomeCare: Dome Shine Absorber - Anti-Aging Finishing Serum - 1 fl.oz. - Pump - A 15% savings over individual prices!

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