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3" 5" 13"

MagTube With Cutouts By WarHawk Customs

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"MagTubes are a great way to protect your hair from the wind. A faux leather tube is formed around your hair held together by powerful magnets. Easy to use magnetic snaps almost snap themselves! Installs in seconds. Lightweight and comfortable to wear. Complete hair protection -no tangles. Made in USA. Holds tight at high speeds. Works in thick or thin hair, even fine slippery hair. Extra Strong French Barrette. Powerful Magnetic Snaps. Satisfaction Guaranteed Simple to use: 1. Make a ponytail using an elastic band (provided) 2. Clip the barrette through a section of the ponytail above the elastic band (not around the entire ponytail.) 3. IMPORTANT: Do not try to clip the barrette around the entire ponytail as this may damage the barrette. This product is great because your hair can be ready to ride in 5 to 10 seconds. No need to braid your hair or mess with snaps hooks or straps. Quick and easy. When you get to your destination you can take the MagTube out of your hair and be looking good. You won't look like you stepped out of a wind tunnel and you won't have kinked hair from 10 elastic hair bands.

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