Rx Pre-Shave Oil 2 oz. - Razor MD

Rx Pre-Shave Oil 2 oz. - Razor MD

Brand: Razor MD
SKU: RzMD-Pre-Shave-Oil-2-oz

"The Rx Pre-shave oil is the perfect way to get one's shave started. A 2oz, natural, paraben-free oil Made in America, helps penetrate deep into the pores, helping your razor glide with ease and ensuring your best shave experience. Available in UNSCENTED, SANDALWOOD OR HERBAL BLEND. Unofficially, Razor MD was founded in the 1920's in the basement of my great grandfather's Brooklyn, NY pharmacy. Later expanded upon at my grand father's pharmacy and mastered at my fathers pharmacy. All were Registered Pharmacists, Chemists and had passion for finding ways to build better products. They were not happy with the razors available and wanted to find ways to achieve the same barbershop shave but at home. So they experimented with making their own products. They built straight razors, double-edge razors, sold them in the pharmacy and gained a local following while perfecting the craft over the next few decades. Unbeknownst to me they also made Shave Creams, Pre-Shave Oils & Post Shave Lotions, this I never knew but was very intrigued to say the least.... Fast forward to 1979, we incorporate as Razor MD and I enter the business. I began to see room to include Gillette compatible razors, shave brushes and ways to expand our distribution outside of NYC. One day I was at my grandfathers pharmacy helping out in the basement when I stumbled upon an old handwritten notebook that dated back to the early '30s with what looked like recipes for shaving products. My father explained the back-story he said my great grandfather had very sensitive skin while at same time a thick coarse beard so he needed better quality shave products than were available. This intrigued me so much that my father & I started to experiment in our lab to re-create the Shave Creams, Pre-Shave Oils and Post Shave Lotions both for our own use and to pay homage. After a few shaves we both knew we had something......the Rx Shave Collection was Re-born. The Rx Shave Collection is a true, all natural, American made line of hand-crafted shave products. Manufactured with only the finest ingredients, we wanted to bring my families recipes back to life and make available to men from every walk of life. The prescription for the perfect shave." Scott Stuart Saltzman Co-Founder Razor MD

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